You need to understand the new developments in the lighting industry in these countries
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-07-19

They reported that a year ago, they released a study showing that their ClearField red LED lights, unlike conventional street lamps, would not affect bat behaviour

Read the overseas information first. What are the recent developments in the lighting industry in these countries? The world's first friendly to bat the lighting system of public appearance in the Netherlands, the UK lighting store will close, the United States with the worst NASA to introduce LED grow lights to the international space station (iss), the American ITC for marking LED lighting and power to make a 337 survey part of the final...

The world's first bat-friendly lighting system has been unveiled in the Netherlands

The world's first bat-friendly lighting system has been unveiled in the Netherlands. In the Dutch town Zuidhoek - Nieuwkoop rare bat can now be undisturbed for their business at night, thanks to the newly installed LED street light, the street lamp specially designed, can issue does not affect the natural feeling and the rhythm of light. They came from Mr Johnson (formerly known as "philips lighting").

They reported that a year ago, they released a study showing that their ClearField red LED lights, unlike conventional street lamps, would not affect bat behavior. The lamp emits red light and USES wavelengths that do not interfere with the bat's internal compass.

Many bats have evolved to forage in near-total darkness, often avoiding white leds and yellowish sodium lamps. Because cities are filled with these lights, there are very few areas where animals can hunt effectively. What's more, the insects that bats often prey on are attracted to the lights, which attract them to places that bats don't want to be near.

With this in mind, philips lighting conducted experiments in 2017 in which red, green and white LED lights were installed in extremely dark, undisturbed natural habitats. Red lights are combined with the company's proprietary ClearField technology, developed in collaboration with wageningen university and other ngos in the Netherlands.

Zuidhoek-nieuwkoop is home to many rare animals and plants. The town and its environs are part of an entire European nature reserve that includes breeding and nesting sites for rare and endangered bat species.

'Nieuwkoop is the first city in the world to use intelligent LED streetlights, and its design is bat friendly,' said Guus Elkhuizen, a member of the Nieuwkoop committee. "When developing our unique housing plan, our goal is to make the project of sustainable development, as far as possible to protect our local bat species at the same time, make their habitat is affected by the minimum."

We've managed to do this and keep our carbon footprint and energy consumption to a minimum. The City has also installed intelligent interactive City lighting systems as they Interact with the City. The lighting management system can remotely manage LED lighting points in near-real time, which together save up to 70 percent more energy than high-voltage sodium street lamps. The system can be remote control for each lamp, so as to enable the authorities to responding to the requirements of residents, raise or lower the lighting intensity of your home, and can rapidly improve the lighting intensity of the region to help emergency service.

Britain's worst-lit shops are closing

Rackhams, a department store in Skipton, north Yorkshire, is about to close, dubbed "Britain's worst-lit store".

In recent years, the store has been criticized by lighting professionals for its poor lighting. Lighting professionals have criticized the store for poor lighting, damaged lights, exposed power lines and chaotic lighting.

The shop belong to Britain's one hundred - year - old Mr Sharon department (House of Fraser), closed shop is a blessing to Sally department proposed CVA (a Company Voluntary Arrangement), as part of the need to obtain approval of creditors, on June 22, is scheduled to make the decision.

F to Sally department chairman Frank Slevin said: "the retail industry is undergoing fundamental changes, blessing to Sally department urgently needs to adapt to the rapidly changing situation, to create the future and make its booming for it."

Some retailers, such as Rackhams, have delayed lighting upgrades to save money by keeping old-fashioned lighting, such as traditional fluorescents and halogen lights, out of investment in energy-efficient LED lighting.

NASA has introduced LED growth lights to the international space station

LED growth lights will be used to grow tomatoes and fresh salad leaves to feed astronauts on the international space station, according to NASA.

Researchers in Florida's Kennedy space center had a growth chamber, that move light to LED lighting system, so that when the system is finally installed on the international space station will provide the best conditions.

Lighting conditions, the team is adjusted to optimize the various conditions of plant growth, and then advanced plant Habitat on the international space station (AdvancedPlant Habitat) in duplicate these scenarios, in order to meet the complex requirements of food production in space.

With radiation from different wavelengths of light, the plant's growth cycle can be controlled and accelerated, allowing it to harvest the plant more frequently or as needed. Special light formulations not only optimize yields and growth times, but also increase the amount of vitamins and nutrients in plants and enhance certain tastes. Leds provide not only customized bioactive lighting, but also very effective.

The researchers used osram's Phytofy RL system, which includes a UV channel that allows researchers to add brief amounts of UV light to understand how plants react and change. It also includes irradiance maps so that scientists do not have to measure irradiance separately before changing the lighting Settings.

In recent years, NASA has been exploring the possibility of growing food crops in controlled environments for long space missions. A team of researchers led by NASA plant physiologist Ray Wheeler has been studying how to grow safe, fresh food crops efficiently in space.

Recently, astronauts on the international space station harvested and ate a variety of red lettuce grown in a plant growth system called Veggie.

Steve Graves of osram said: "over the past few decades, many of the coolest and most useful inventions in the world have come from NASA scientists. It's an honor to use our technology to further promote innovation. (compilation: LEDinside James)

The us ITC made 337 investigations on LED lighting and power supply in China

On June 11, 2018, the United States international trade commission (ITC) issued a notice stating that the 337 part of the final ruling on Certain LED Lighting Devices, LED Power Supplies, And Components Thereof (investigation code 337- ta-1081) in China was made: Order no. 44, made by the administrative judge of this case on May 22, 2018, shall not be retried, i.e. the investigation against the us patent number 8,070,328 shall be terminated on the basis of the partial withdrawal motion filed by the applicant.

The us ITC's 337 investigation into LED lighting and power supply in China is the final ruling

On May 18, 2018 the us international trade commission (ITC), according to the statement reconciliation based on bilateral agreement, termination of the Wangs Alliance Corporation (business called WAC Lighting Co., of the Port Washington, NY) and China Shanghai WAC Lighting (Shanghai) Co., ltd. of Shanghai, China. The investigation.

On February 26, 2018, the United States international trade commission (ITC) issued a notice stating IN DEFAULT on MSi Lighting, Inc. Of Boca Raton, Florida.

On November 8, 2017, according to Phillips Lighting North America corp. of Somerset, New Jersey and Phillips Lighting Holding B.V. of Eindhoven of the Netherlands, the Netherlands filed a 337 case investigation application, namely its claim to Feit Electric Company of the United States, Inc., of Pico Rivera, California, Edgewell Personal Care Brands, LLC of Shelton, Connecticut, Feit Electric Company, Inc. (China) of Xiamen, China. China, Lowe's Companies of Mooresville, North Carolina, LG Sourcing of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, MSi Lighting, Inc. Of Boca Raton, Florida (" MSi Lighting "), Satco Products, USA Inc. Of Brentwood, New York, Topaz Lighting corp. of Holtsville, New York, Wangs Alliance Corporation d/b/a WAC Lighting Co. Of Port Washington, New York, Shanghai WAC Lighting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China Of Shanghai, China. Such as violated its patent rights (the United States patent registration number is 6586890, 7038399, 7256554, 7262559, 7256554), American ITC voted to officially to start the 337 investigation of this case.