The lighting center of the municipal urban management bureau continues to carry out the work of supervision and supervision of the safe production of urban lighting industry
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-07-19

In 2018, according to the relevant document issued by shenzhen lighting industry supervision combining the reality of our city, the city lights outside the center to entrust a third party on the original dc monthly district city lighting lamps, let light appearance, bright light, safety supervision gddoftec and civilized operation, and so on and so forth. In June, a key spot check on the city's lighting facilities on 148 roads revealed 21 safety hazards and problems. City lights center to inspect, spot checks found that the problem of combing and summary in time, and form printed and distributed to each area supervisor contact letter (new) urban management bureau, asked related departments to implement, and the reforming situation will inform me. At the same time, require district (district) of city lighting management maintenance sector continues to intensify hidden perils in safety, comprehensive security responsibility in place, hidden rectification in place, construction protective measures in place, to ensure the safe and normal operation of city lighting facilities. (CAI dongsheng, municipal lighting center)